Is getting somewhere with your kids in the morning a total nightmare — with you begging, nagging or losing your patience because they just won’t GET READY?


3 Simple Steps To Get Your Kids to Listen, Cooperate & Get Out the Door!


  • The #1 Mistake most parents make that causes their kids not to listen and how you can avoid it so you start the morning with connection and cooperation from your kids.

  • My simple secret to creating a morning routine that will keep you from repeating yourself over and over so that you can eliminate the rushing and yelling.

  • How to give your kids exactly what they need so your morning interactions don’t turn into battles and everyone is happier.

  • The specific steps to take so your kids aren’t still in the other room doing who-knows-what when you should all be walking out the door.

About Your Presenter

Karen Delano is a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach. She's been a preschool teacher, run her own in-home play school and now, as a coach, empowers other moms to find ways to make this parenting thing more simple! She's a mom of three active kiddos, is the founder of If It Were Simple and always finds time to drink an entire cup of hot coffee uninterrupted every matter what.

Karen Delano Parent Coach