JUNE 22 - JUNE 26

Intentional Summer 2020

Online mini-course for parents

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This summer won't be like any before!

Many of the summer activities you've relied on have changed or been canceled due to virus concerns.

Yet you still need to work out the logistics for the kids to stay safe and you to stay sane! And you might be determined to make this a more meaningful summer and plan to teach your kids about racial injustice and your family's values.

Either way, it's all too easy to get caught up in the midst of another busy week, and before you know it the summer will be over. You'll wonder where the time went and why you never got around to doing what you had meant to do.

Let me guide you through exactly what to consider so you can plan and enjoy an intentional summer.

After months of social distancing and helping kids with remote learning I’m sure you’re tired of piecing things together and flying by the seat-of-your-pants. During this mini-course...

You’ll create a plan that’s right for YOU and YOUR family so that you have:

Ideas to keep kids busy and active if camps and other activities aren't an option.

Strategies for screentime that you feel good about and your kids buy into.

Flexible routines in place so that your family keeps up with chores and projects without you feeling like a nag.

Ways to stay calm when things don’t go as planned or the kids start fighting and complaining. 

Plans for kids to not devour food all day long (then not eat dinner) so you don’t get constantly interrupted or go broke buying snacks!

What's Included?

While you won't find bucket lists or cookie-cutter answers, you will get:

5 short videos

Each day you'll receive a short video walking you step-by-step through what you need to decide and know to enjoy an intentional summer.

2 LIVE Q&A group calls

These will be recorded in case you can't make it at the scheduled time. You're able to submit questions ahead of time so that you get your specific concerns answered.

Summer Essentials Workbook

It's filled with prompts that will help you decide exactly what YOU want for YOUR family so you can be intentional with your plans.

Private Facebook Community

Connect with other parents to find encouragement and accountability, if you want.

Daily access to Karen

I'll be in the private Facebook community during the 5 days of the virtual mini-course so you can get feedback and support along the way.

This mini-course runs from 6/22- 6/26

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Hey there, I'm Karen

I'm a mom of three kids who are 15, 13, and 10. I've been a teacher, run a playschool and now as a certified coach, I help parents figure out what they want and how to set their families up for success. 

The result? 

Parents are more calm and confident in their decisions so their home is peaceful and their kids listen to them.


What's an online mini-course?

Over the course of 5 days, a group of parents go through the material online at their convenience. It also includes 2 LIVE Q&A calls so you can get personal attention and feedback. The main content is pre-recorded into short videos so you don't need a large chunk of time at once.

When does the mini-course start?

We start on Monday, June 22th and each day new material will be released.

When are the Q&A calls?

Tuesday, June 23th at 8 pm Eastern and Thursday, June 25th at 12:00 pm Eastern. They'll be recorded in case you can't make it and you can also send questions in advance.

What happens after the 5-days of the mini-course are over?

You'll still have access to the course and call recordings and will still be able to access the Facebook Group, but it won't be "active" after the 5-day period.

Summer's here … let’s get on top of things before it’s over!

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