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The Simplicity Solution to Create a Peaceful, Happy Home


Obviously, you know that a calmer approach to your child’s challenging behavior is the best way to go, but often it’s not that simple. You try to change and be happier and less reactive, but somehow that anger and frustration keep creeping up from nowhere. Life gets busy, you’re exhausted and lose sight of your intention to do things differently.  


Pretty soon you’re back to your old habits of reacting, getting angry, feeling guilty and worrying about how much damage you’re doing to your kids.


If it was just as simple as deciding to change, you would have done it by now.


My one-on-one parent coaching provides the missing piece. What you need to make ‘this time’ different is someone to encourage your progress. Someone to guide you when you are stuck while leading you step-by-step to achieve YOUR goals.


Over the course of our time together you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to feeling in control and like the mom you want to be.



The “Communicate With Confidence & Be Heard” Solution
You’ll learn how to connect what you value as a parent to how you interact with your kids.  We’ll also go over the exact language you can use to gain more cooperation from your kids, why threats and rewards don’t work and what to do instead. How your emotions – anger, overwhelm, guilt, self-criticism, fear of doing it all wrong, affect how you parent.


The “In-Control Without Controlling their Behavior” Method
You’ll learn how to set limits that are clear, firm, kind and actually work! We’ll cover specific strategies to remain in control as the parent and how to create a sense of calm so kids feel safe and not overwhelmed. We’ll explore why kids behave in certain (challenging!) ways and what you can do reduce or eliminate this. By looking at your child’s behavior in a different way you’ll be able to react differently too.


The “Building the Connection for Cooperation” Strategy
You’ll learn key ways to build a great relationship with your kids that will not only help you through the challenging times but create more good times, too. We’ll also look at what’s keeping you stressed as a parent and come up with a plan for you to get what YOU need to be the mom you want to be.


You’ll be able to communicate, connect and stay calm with your kids so you can confidently handle the challenges of being a mom.