Obviously, you know that a calmer approach to your child’s challenging behavior is the best way to go, but often it’s not that simple. You try to change and be happier and less reactive, but somehow that anger and frustration keep creeping up from nowhere. Life gets busy, you’re exhausted and lose sight of your intention to do things differently.  

Pretty soon you’re back to your old habits of reacting, getting angry, feeling guilty and worrying about how much damage you’re doing to your kids.

If it was just as simple as deciding to change, you would have done it by now.

My one-on-one parent coaching provides the missing piece. What you need to make ‘this time’ different is someone to encourage your progress. Someone to guide you when you are stuck while leading you step-by-step to achieve YOUR goals.

Over the course of our time together you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to feeling in control and like the mom you want to be.

90-Minute Parenting with Confidence and Clarity Strategy Session

Parent with less worry and more intention!

Depending on where you need support we’ll cover how to:


      • Interact in a way that encourages cooperation from kids so you can communicate with confidence & be heard.
      • Understand why kids behave in certain (challenging!) ways and what you can do to reduce or eliminate this so you can be in-control without controlling their behavior.
      • Create calm and reduce stress so you can build the connection and have a great relationship with your kids.



      • Where You’re At Now Pre-Session Survey so you’ll be able to fill me in on what’s going on for you so we can dive right in when we talk.
      • One 90 minute session filled with personalized tools and strategies as well as an outside perspective to give you a breakthrough.
      • Voxer (Voice messaging) support for 1 week after your session so you have support as you implement your new solutions.

Investment: $249


Your Calm and Confident Parenting Solution



No one listens until you raise your voice and you feel guilty because that’s not how you want to parent them but it’s hard to know the “right” thing to do.

You try not to lose your mind when your kids push every button under the sun but it’s so hard to keep calm when they’re bickering and can’t follow simple directions without an argument.

When you sit down with your kids you want to be present and enjoy them but you can’t stop thinking about all.the.things that need to get done.

Now imagine a day where 

You feel more confident in your parenting decisions, more in-control of your emotions, ultimately, more like the mom you want to be!

During our time together, we create quick wins and long term change so that you can have a great relationship with your kids and peacefully resolve conflict for good.  We’ll look at where you are versus where you’d like to be, and then we create practical and do-able action steps to get there. As a coach, I don’t just give you one-size-fits-all advice but lead you step-by-step so you can move forward in a way that works for YOU.


Investment: packages starting at $499/month


Let’s chat about how I can help you and if it would be a good fit for us to work together. Schedule a call HERE.