2019 Online Parent Classes 

  • Participate from anywhere with an internet connection! 
  • If you can’t join live you can send your questions ahead of time!
  • A recording will be made available to parents who register. 

Do they FEEL Loved?



9AM - 10AM EST

Imagine after all you do for your kids they still don’t feel loved! Make sure you’re doing all you can to maximize the way you show your love -- and not discipline in a way that takes away from that. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how to fill your kids love tank every day. They’ll thrive and you’ll create a special bond that lasts a lifetime.  

$25 | SIGN UP

Alternatives to Punishment



9AM - 10AM EST

You want to stop trying to control your child’s behavior with bribes, yelling, or punishment but then you wonder how you’ll handle it when your kids misbehave.

Find out how to discipline in a way that will develop your child’s sense of responsibility, internal motivation, and self-control.  

Why take a Parent Class?

Parents don't sign up for these classes because they're bad parents. In fact, it's just the opposite! They want to spend time focusing on what they value -- their kids and their family. They know there's always room to improve and learn something new. They're not aiming for perfection either, just to feel like they're doing their best! 


Get skills and strategies to overcome daily challenges with less frustration and anger. And cut through confusing parenting advice to find solutions that are right for YOU.


When the parent-child relationship is strong kids will WANT to cooperate. The result? Better behavior and more fun!


Find the patience to peacefully resolve conflicts so you can finally turn your angry reactions into effective responses.

About the Teacher

All classes are led by Karen Delano, a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach and mom of three. 

She's been a preschool teacher, run her own in-home play school and now, as a coach, empowers other moms to find ways to make this parenting gig easier! Now as the founder of If It Were Simple, Karen shares tools and strategies that reduce kid’s challenging behaviors while helping moms slow down and simplify so they can live intentionally and be the parent they want to be.  

Questions? Email her at karen@karendelano.com