Okay – if you have more than one child chances are you’ve heard fighting over who got a bigger piece or more of something!

It can be really frustrating to hear bickering between our kids and situations can turn into a “big” deal depending on how we handle it. I mean, it’s easy to get defensive or join the argument – so I’ve heard 😉

If we want to turn things around the key is to respond to our kid’s individual need, not fairness in general.

So rather than measure pieces or always try to make things equal, try “Oh, are you still hungry? Let me know if you want more when you finish your piece.”

Or when it’s bedtime and your younger child is upset he can’t stay up later and shouts, “It’s not fair!” You may be tempted to respond with “Get used to it. Life’s not fair!” Again – so I’ve heard 😉

While that may be true, what would happen if instead, you responded with empathy to your child’s emotional need? Because often complaints about fairness reflect not feeling heard or appreciated.

How would the situation change if you said, “I know, and it’s really hard sometimes. You can’t wait to be older and stay up later too.”

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