Feel confident about your parenting choices, keep true to your values, and stop trying to do all.the.things!

Six Weeks to Calm Simplify Your Parenting & Reduce Your Kid's Challenging Behaviors


Ever feel over-committed, over-tired, busy, or distracted? Wish you could be present and have fun with your family instead of doing all-the-things, all the time!?  

The fast pace of modern life brings constant pressure of what we "should" do or volunteer for, and what we need to buy and sign our kids up for so they don't miss out.  

And our kids feel it. 

Whether it’s too much stuff, too much information, too many activities, or too many choices -- “too much” is overwhelming & stressful. It leads to behavior issues -- lack of cooperation, meltdowns, not listening, difficulty sleeping, and more!

Thankfully, there's a solution.

We can choose to simplify. We can be intentional to eliminate whatever it is that keeps us from having the time and attention for those we love.  

Research shows that when we simplify, kids:  

  • Are calmer, happier and more cooperative  
  • Can cope better with challenges  
  • Are more focused at school  
  • Become less picky eaters 
  • Do better socially and emotionally  

 And parents: 

  • Are more calm and confident in their parenting 
  • Have fewer struggles at bedtime & getting out the door in the morning
  • Enjoy a deeper relationship with their kids  
  • Feel more present in whatever they're doing  


When you enroll in Six Weeks to Calm: Simplify Your Parenting & Reduce Your Kid's Challenging Behaviors you'll be joining a group of parents who are ready to make changes so that their family life reflects their priorities. 

Below you'll find the week by week schedule of topics, which correspond with the chapters in the book Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. 

You’ll receive a weekly email from me that outlines the main ideas of each chapter. You can choose to read along with the book or not, either way you'll still be able to participate and benefit from our weekly video calls. I'll also be sharing resources, tips, and stories throughout each week.

We’ll meet weekly through online Zoom video calls. We’ll discuss the weekly topic, have Q&A, and come up with practical ways to apply it to YOUR family. You'll leave each call having decided on one small, do-able change you'll make to move you towards what you want for your family. 

These meetings will be recorded so even if you can't make it you'll still have access to the material. 

Group courses like this are amazing because they offer a sense of community, accountability and inspiration.

Price $247


Here's what we'll cover...


Why Simplify - Parenting from your values

The fast pace of modern life can keep families so busy they lose sight of what's important to them. We'll talk about what you value and how it will guide you in tough parenting decisions, give your kids a sense of belonging and protect them from outside pressures.  


Symptoms and Treatment of Overwhelm - Understanding your child’s behavior

Little stresses add up and eventually it makes psychological sense for kids to compensate with behaviors like nervousness, distrust, lack of resiliency, lack of impulse control, lack of empathy. We'll talk about what your child's challenging behavior is telling you and what you can do to create calm.


Simplifying Our Environment - Making space for peace  

Less stuff creates space for creativity, imagination and focus. We'll talk about the effect of clutter on our relationships, gratitude, and patience.


Smoothing Transitions - Using rhythm and predictability to increase cooperation 

When kids know what's coming next they're more willing and able to transition to the next experience. We'll talk about how you can make daily life go smoother with your kids so you don’t have to battle with them over every.little.thing.  


Our Schedules - Balancing how you spend your time 

Having more time in your schedule helps you be more present and emotionally available and helps your kids to motivate and direct themselves. We'll talk about how to slow down and the pros and cons of organized sports and other “enrichment” activities.


Filtering Out the Adult World - Guarding your child’s heart and mind 

Reducing kid's exposure to adult concerns, consumerism and information overload, protects families from unnecessary stress and anxiety. We'll talk about how you can decide on what screen time boundaries are right for your family.  

Want to know what others are saying? 

“I gained confidence in my decisions to make changes in my family and saw that simple changes really do add up and can make a big difference.” - Kelly, mom of 3, ages 6, 8 and 9  

“I definitely recommend this course! Participating in it provided me an opportunity to reflect on what I truly value, and begin aligning my family life accordingly in practical ways.” - Kathy, mom of boys ages 3 and 9  

“Sign up! This is a great course that can help you be an even better parent and provide you with the tools to create closer relationships with your children.” - Kim, mom of boys ages 4, 11 and 13  

Are you ready to simplify your parenting and reduce your child's challenging behaviors?

Price: $247

If not now, when? 

Hey there!

I'm Karen, a mom to three kids ages 18, 16, and 14. As a certified parent and family life coach, I help moms find a way to live life based on their values without being distracted by all of the pressures from society.

I also share skills and strategies to reduce kid's challenging behaviors so families have more time, energy, and joy!