You feel overwhelmed and exhausted as a mom some days.

Like those days when the kids seem to fight. All. Day. Long.

Or those days when no one listens to anything you say…although, maybe those days are better than the ones when they do hear you and then have a tantrum or talk back.

Everyone says you need to take time for yourself, but, um, when exactly are you supposed to do that?

Life can be so busy that it’s easy to lose track of what we really want for ourselves and our families.

Being a mom is complicated. If only it were simple…

 I’m Karen Delano.

I work with moms to slow down and get clear on what they want for their families so they’re living their lives intentionally – by their plan, not someone else’s. We work one-on-one or in groups to reduce their kid’s challenging behaviors, build connection in their family and deal with the stress that keeps them from acting and feeling like the mom they want to be.

While I’ve always been drawn to working with children and have done so for many years as a preschool teacher, I really love supporting moms!

Through this work and as a mom to my own three kiddos, I’ve been witness to and experienced the seemingly endless struggles that moms face. I’ve also learned that it’s possible to find a new way – a solution – whatever the challenge.

I’ll help you find ways to slow down and simplify your life, connect with your kids, reduce stress, and figure out how you can feel like a great mom – even when things are difficult.

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